May 27th, 2020

Dear Friends, and Guests,

I wanted to reach out to all and first say many thanks to everyone who has been checking in on us and praying that El Cholo Pasadena finds a way to re-open. It has been very inspirational!

The reality is this Covid-19 Pandemic turned our world up-side down and our industry like many others will take years to get back to what we were used to experiencing before.

We faced a difficult decision to make during the later week of March. To close for good or stay open. We choose the later. During my 45 year Restaurant career I have never being faced with such a challenge, but we are poised to make a run at it and God willing we will be celebrating our 100th anniversary in three years.

With a handful of loyal team members and an adjusted menu we will be doing take-out and deliveries, along with custom deliveries handled by myself. We are hoping that dine-in will be allowed soon.

We have spent tireless hours preparing our property for a re-open and staff has been getting Covid-19 certified and you have my re-assurance that all safety and sanitizing protocol have been our highest priority.

I am asking for patience once we welcome you back into our dining room. Tables will be spread out and our bar more than likely will be allowed to open later. We will be offering a more streamlined menu to allow us to keep the flow of service as our beloved staff has a set of new demands on applied to them.

We will be ramping up or take out and delivery portion of our business and we will share with you when we have updates.

Our landlord has worked hard to assure that us along with our other restaurant neighbors will be able to utilize table space in the common areas that will open for more table space with social distancing in mind.

In closing I would again Thank all of you for your past and future support, and God Bless America.



Blair Salisbury


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